win by making the most connections

  1. Shuffle deck. Each player is dealt a hand of 10 cards face down.
  2. A card is drawn from the deck and placed face up in the middle of the playing surface to serve as the starting card.
  3. The first turn goes to the player who woke up earliest. Play continues in a clockwise direction.
  4. A turn consists of:
    • Start a timer for 30 seconds, and the player may now view their hand.
    • The player attempts to make as many connections as possible from their hand before time expires.
    • After time is up, the player explains their connections to the group.
    • The group may reject any connections deemed unacceptable (weak teaching point or incorrect information). Rejected cards are returned to the player’s hand.
    • The player places unused cards from their hand face down.
  5. The first player to use all of the cards from their hand wins.
  6. The cards from this round can be set aside, and the remaining cards in the deck can be used to play again (steps 1-5).

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