What is Table Rounds?

  • Table Rounds is a medical card game to facilitate the exchange of medical knowledge and foster social connection among learners and their educators.
  • It contains 280 cards that represent foundational clinical concepts (symptoms,  labs, diagnoses, and treatments).

How do you play?

  • Play by connecting cards to create teaching points. What you teach each other is limited only by your creativity.
  • Choose a gameplay that suits your learning style (competitive vs. collaborative) or create your own.

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How do you make connections?

  • You can make up to four connections with each card (one per side). 
  • The connection between each pair of cards represents a teaching point. 
  • You can build on someone else’s connections without needing to continue the same clinical concept.

Sample teaching points:
a. Pernicious anemia can lead to B12 deficiency due to lack of intrinsic factor secondary to autoimmune destruction of parietal cells.
b. Vitamin B12 supplementation can improve sensory ataxia in subacute combined degeneration.
c. Gait ataxia can be a sign of normal pressure hydrocephalus whose hallmark finding on brain MRI is ventriculomegaly.

  • It is not necessary to explain a connection between ataxia and anemia because they are not touching on one of the four sides.
  • During gameplay, the group decides if a connection is acceptable and may reject a connection based on the accuracy or quality of the associated teaching point.

How do you purchase Table Rounds?